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Back Home, Part 1 [Aug. 17th, 2006|07:32 pm]
Mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg sat upon the throne in the High Tinker Chamber of Gnomeregan.  Assembled in twin rows flanking him, stood his advisors and servants.  And towering behind the throne, his Mechanical Battle-Mount stood at the ready.

Placing a cigar in his mouth, he raised a blow torch and lit the end.  Once he had it going, he tossed the torch to a waiting servant.  After a few puffs on the cigar, he turned and nodded at one of his advisors.  Bearing a tall ornate staff, he struck it on the floor three times, the cracks echoing off the walls of the chamber.  On cue, one of the two guards flanking the main blast door for the Chamber flipped a switch.  With a deafening rattle of gears, the door slowly rose up and stopped, leaving a ten feet high space for someone to enter.

The four Dark Iron Dwarves marched into the chamber.  Ambassador Lahotos Darkvire lead the way for his party, following behind him came his assistant and flanking him were two warriors.  Stopping at a respectable distance from the throne, he bowed slightly and held it for barely a moment.

Thermaplugg took a pull from his cigar, leaned back in his seat and blew out a large smoke ring toward the darkened ceiling of the chamber.  He watched it slowly dissipate before sitting upright and locking eyes with the ambassador.

"Do you have my payment?" he asked in a gravelly voice.

"Do you have the device?" Darkvire asked back at him.

Maintaining eye contact, Thermaplugg gestured at one of his servants.  He quickly ran through a side door and came back wheeling in a covered cart.  He maneuvered it in front the Mekgineer and after a nod from him, pulled the cover off.  The device stood on a round base roughly 2 feet across.  On the base was a display panel and a control pad.  Raising up from the base is a series of interconnected rings, a network of gymbals.

"Apart from one minor detail, it is complete," Thermaplugg annouced.

The ambassador's eye gleamed with desire as he saw the device, and the corners of the his lips curled up slightly.  Then what had just been said registered.  "Its not completed?  You promised it would be ready!" he barked out.

Ignoring the tone from the ambassador, Thermaplugg smiled, "And it will be.  Once I have my payment."

Regaining his composure, he gestured over his shoulder at his assistant.  He stepped forward, now holding a wooden box in his hands.  Darkvire reached over and flipped the lid open.  Inside, cushioned by the black runecloth interior, sat a large crystal.  Roughly shaped like a cylinder, it coloring shifted constantly, flowing from one to the next.  And occasionally, an arc of electricity would flash through it.

At a gesture, one of Thermaplugg's servants stepped forward, took the box from the Dark Iron servant and brought it to him.  Leaning forward in the throne, he pulled the crystal out from the box and held it up to the light, a slightly maniacal look in his eyes.  Rising his other hand, he flicked a finger against it, causing a cascade of electrical arcs to flash through it.

"Be careful with that!"  snapped out Darkvire when he saw what Thermaplugg did to the phlogiston crystal.

Dropping his gaze to the Dark Iron, he gave him a lopeside grin.  Darkvire took a step back and his hand dropped to the handle of the axe hanging from his belt.

Thermaplugg placed the crystal back in the case and closed the lid.  "I will have the device finished and delivered to your apartment Ambassador within the hour," he said in a tone that signaled the end of the meeting.

Realizing that he was being dismissed, Darkvire turned around and marched out of the chamber.

Once the Dark Irons had cleared out and the door was closed, Thermaplugg sprang off the throne, grabbed the box containing the crystal and climbed aboard his Battle-Mount.  "Take the orb back to my workshop," he ordered and the servant quickly wheeled the cart out through the same side door he brought the cart from.  "The rest of you are dismissed," and with a loud rumble and belching forth a cloud of smoke from its exhaunt pipes, he steered the mount toward a door behind the throne and left the chamber.  With his departure, the advisors, servants and guardsmen also left.  And within moments, the chamber stood empty and quiet.

Well, not empty...

From the dark recesses of the ceiling of the chamber, a small figure slowly floated down.  Dressed in night black leather armor with accents of blood red, the figure alighted near the foot of the throne and adjusted a device on its left wrist.  Belted at the waist are a pair of daggers with ornately detailed hilts.  With a hood and mask in place, the only things visible are a pair of jade green eyes.  Crouching low, the figure waited a moment and then headed for the side door.
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New Addition [Apr. 10th, 2006|11:32 pm]
"How is she doing?"

Isabeau Navarre looked up from the tiny bundle in her arms and smiled as her husband took a seat next to her by the campfire. She returned her attention to the incredibly small infant that she was holding and her smile grew bigger. "She's hungry, really hungry. I've gone through about half a skin of milk already," she replied as she held a make-shift bottle to the baby's mouth. "She must have been in that compartment for an awful long time."

Etienne reached over and shifted the blanket around the infant's head. A pair of brilliant jade green eyes peered up at him. "That compartment most likely saved her life," he brushed aside a lock of bright red hair that had fallen down on her forehead, she gurgled and smiled back at him. With a smile on his face, he looked up at his wife. The expression she wore was one he had seen before and knew. "I was doing some thinking about what to do with her..."

"Oh?" She said as she placed the bottle down and mopped up some milk that had spilled out of the baby's mouth.

"Yes," he reached up and tucked a loose lock of Isabeau's hair behind her ear, "We're going be at least 10 days to a fortnight to get back to Stormwind from here. Then its a few weeks to a few months to get a message up to Gnomeregan and get a reply back."

She picked up the bottle and began to feed the baby again, "Go on."

"So I was thinking, instead of having her sit in an orphanage all that time, that we could just take her in for ourselves," he said.

She snapped her head up and stared at her husband, "Are you serious?" she asked with a longing look in her eyes.

He placed an arm around her shoulders and hugged her, "Yes, very serious." He leaned in and kissed her cheek, "Assuming you want to of course."

"Yes!" she yelled at him, laughingly. And she kissed him back. Looking down, she said, "You hear that Ginnee, you're going to be a part of the family!" She leaned down and kissed the baby.

With a raised eyebrow, he asked, "Ginnee? You gave her a name already?"

"I had to call her something," she replied with a shrug of her shoulders. "Its short for Ginerva, my grandmother's name."

"Ginerva, Ginnee..." he said, trying it out. "That's sounds good." He reached over and picked up the baby in both his hands and held her in front of him. "Welcome to the family Ginerva Navarre!"

"Be careful Etienne," Isabeau started to say, "Her stomach may still be..."

Ginnee looked down at her new father, made a face and promptly vomited down the front of his shirt and into his lap.

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Ambush [Mar. 12th, 2006|11:52 pm]
[mood |mischievousmischievous]

The Gnome saw her target over by the stables, he was brushing down a chestnut bay and facing away from her.  Creeping along a row of hedges, she remained hidden from sight as she drew closer.  Reaching a spot about 15 feet away, she peeked out from over the top of the hedge.  Seeing nothing between her and the target, she knew she had to strike from where she stood.  Cocking her arm back, she popped up and pitched her weapon at her target.

The back of his head suddenly exploded in a splash of red and he stumbled forward into the horse.  Holding onto the horse with one hand to remain on his feet, he ran his other hand through his hair.  Holding what was left of the tomato in it, he turned and yelled at the top of the lungs, "GINNEE!!"

With a high pitched squeal of laughter, 10 year old Ginnee Navarre bolted at full speed towards the rear of her family's house.  Looking over her shoulder, she saw her 17 year old brother Philippe begin to give chase, but he tripped over a rake.  It didn't stop him, but it gave her a few extra seconds to make a clean getaway.  Rounding the corner into the back yard, she looked for a place to hide herself.  The backdoor.  It was a stable-type door, and at the moment, the top half was open.  Building up some speed, she turned toward it and leapt up and over.  Just as her mother walked into view.  Tucking into a ball, a small ball, Ginnee bounced into her.

Somewhat surprised to see her youngest daughter flying at her at a rather fast speed, Isabeau Navarre still managed to catch her and remain on her feet.  Looking down at the bundle in her arms, "Ginnee?"

"Put me down Mum, quick!"

Dropping her arms, she lowered Ginnee to the ground, and out of sight as Philippe came barreling around into view.  She noticed the remains of the tomato on his head and sighed.

"Mother, did you see Ginnee just now?" he asked once he saw her at the door.

Feeling Ginnee place a deathhug on her lower leg, she sighed and replied, "Yes luv.  She just ran by and went around the corner.  What happened to you?"

Pulling another handful of tomato out of his hair, he tossed it aside and said, "SHE happened to me, again.  This is the third time in as many days.  When I get my hands on her..."

"Philippe," she said, giving him a look, "I'll take care of her."

"Yes ma'am," he pulled out more of the tomato.

Chuckling and smiling at her oldest child and only son. she then said, "Get cleaned up and run down the market for me please.  I need a bag of flour and a tin of tea and peppercorns."

Nodding his head, he turned and walked away, pulling more of the tomato out of his hair and tossing it to the ground.

Quiet voice from below asked, "Is he gone?"


Holding a hand over her mouth, Ginnee broke out giggling.  Until she saw the look on her mother's face.

Kneeling down, Isabeau tucked a lock of her daughter's red hair behind her ear and placed a hand on her shoulder.  "You have to stop bothering him Ginerva.  He's your brother and you need to show him some respect."

Sighing, she looked down at her feet, "I know, but...he's just so...stuffy and...bossy all the time."  Ginnee looked her mother in the eyes, "He's always going on about how I'm not acting like a lady should be."

Pulling her into a hug, she rested her head on top of Ginnee's, "He just cares about you, he doesn't want others thinking badly of you."

Letting her go, Isabeau stood up and walked over to one of the kitchen's counters.  She grabbed a straw woven basket and handed it to Ginnee.

"What's this for Mum?"  she asked with a raised eyebrow.

"Lavender dropped by earlier, while you were out," she replied, "She mentioned some sort of picnic taking place today."  A look of shock came to Ginnee's face at the mention of a picnic, "So I fixed some things up for you to take along with you."

Ginnee hugged her mother's leg, "Thanks Mum, I completely forgot about that."

Giving her a gentle pat on the head, she shooed her toward the front door, "You're welcome dear.  Now run along or you'll be even later for it."

"Bye Mum," she yelled as she ran off.
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